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Every medical, dental, physician's assistant, physical therapy, etc. program has different prerequisites. It is up to you to determine which classes are required for the specific programs that you are applying to. Program websites are a great place to start.

That said, below is a non-comprehensive list of the most common requirements for Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Verterinary, Physical Therapy, and Physician's Assistant Programs:

Course Number Course Title Pre-requisites Required Before Course Tracks Course is Required By
BIOL 1510 Biological Principles (and lab) None Med, Dental, Pharm, Vet, & PA
BIOL 1520 Introduction to Organismal Biology (and lab) None Med, Dental, Pharm & Vet
CHEM 1211K Chemical Principles I (and lab) None Med, Dental, Pharm, Vet, & PA
CHEM 1212K Chemical Principles II (and lab) CHEM 1211K or 1310 Med, Dental, Pharm, Vet & PA
CHEM 2311 Organic Chemistry I CHEM 1212K Med, Dental, Pharm, Vet & PA
CHEM 2312 or CHEM 2313 Organic Chemistry II CHEM 2311 Med, Dental, Pharm, & Vet
CHEM 2380 Synthesis Laboratory I CHEM 2312/2313 Med, Dental, Pharm, & Vet
**CHEM 3511 Survey of Biochemistry CHEM 2312/2313 Med, Pharm, & Vet (often Dental and PA)
PHYS 2211 Introductory Physics I (and lab) MATH 1502 (or co-rec) Med, Dental, Vet, & PT
PHYS 2212 Introductory Physics II (and lab) PHYS 2211 Med, Dental, Vet, & PT
ENGL 1101 & 1102 English Composition None All 6 Tracks
MATH 1501 & 1502 Calculus I and II None All 6 Tracks
MGT 2250, BIOL 2400, BIOL 4401, BMED 2400, etc. Statistics Depends on Course Med, Pharm, & PT
APPH 3753, 3754, 3755, & 3756 Anatomy & Physiology (with Lab) None Pharm, PA, & PT

**CHEM 3511 (Biochemistry): This course is a new requirement for Med programs. It was added for students who must take the new form of the MCAT in 2105 or later. Physician's Assistant programs often require either one semester of organic chemistry OR one semester of Biochemistry. Biochemistry is strongly recommended by or required by many dental schools, although it is not yet a general requirement.

Other Points to Note:

  • The new MCAT 2015 will also require Psychology and Sociology.
  • Not Every Professional School will accept AP credit. You might need to take additional upper level courses in the subject area for which you have AP credit.
  • Other courses that are often suggested, strongly recommended, or required are genetics and microbiology.
  • Biomedical Engineering majors: You must take CHEM 1211K NOT CHEM 1310. BMED 3100 (Systems Physiology) and BMED 3600 (Physiology of Cellular and Molecular Systems) satisfies the BIOL 1520 requirement.



If you are starting to feel behind in a class, don't hesitate to look for support! As a Pre-Health student, your GPA is important to maintain. Don't force yourself to face the rigors of Georgia Tech alone. There are tons of free resources available to you as a student. Check out these great resources:

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And don't forget that your professors are here to help you learn. It is important for you to develop relationships with your professors for Letters of Evaluation. What better way for them to see how serious and dedicated to this process you are, than showing them that you are willing to do what it takes to succeed in their course? Attend office hours, ask your professors to lunch to discuss concepts in the course that are confusing to you, or set up an appointment to meet with them.

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