Rolling Admissions

This should be the phrase you live by over the next few months. If something can be done today, do it today, not tomorrow! This is not a hard and fast rule, but as a general guideline: You are in the clear for taking your entrance test and submitting your application up until July. You get a yellow flag in July, and the red warning light starts flashing in August and after. Here are some important dates to know:


Starting May 1st, students applying to MD programs will be able start uploading AMCAS info. The AMCAS application cannot be submitted until June 4th, and AMCAS will not submit information to schools until June 28th. After that date, students can start to expect supplemental applications. Do not let your supplemental applications wait more than a week before you return them. The first day for acceptances to be released is October 15th.


The AADSAS (for DMD/DDS applicants) opens the first Monday in June.You may start entering your information at that time. Schools generally start sending out supplemental applications in July. Do not let your supplemental applications wait more than one week before you return them. The first school stops accepting applicants in mid-September and the last stops in February, but remember that interview invitations generally go out starting in late July or early August. The first round of acceptances is released on December 1st.

Other Application Information

Questions Schools Have About You:

  1. Can You Do It? (academic performance, LOEs, test scores)
  2. Will You Do It? (shadowed/volunteered, LOEs, challenged yourself, know what a career in medicine is today and can talk/write about it.)
  3. Should You Do It? (professionalism, good interview, LOEs)
  4. Should You Do It Here? (do you "fit" with their school)

What is the Application Like?

  • The application for each healthcare field is very different. The AMCAS and AADSAS will not look alike or ask all of the same things. They do share some similarities, though.
  • All applications have an Instruction Manual or help center. Read through that BEFORE you fill out a section of the application. It would be a pain to have to go back and reformat an entire section because you didn't read the instructions.
  • You will need an AAMC ID for the AMCAS and an DENTPIN for the AADSAS. Other application services require something similar. These ID numbers may be given to you when you register for the entrance exam or you may have to get them directly from the governing organization. There will be instructions on this when you open the application.
  • Right now, most applications are still on 2016 mode, you need the 2017 application! It goes by your matriculation year!
  • The application will tell you exactly what it wants on what pages and in what spaces. You can edit all sections of the application until you submit it, after which you will only be able to edit specific sections at specific times.
  • Some of the general sections on the applications will include Identifying Information (Name, ID numbers, Date and Place of Birth, Sex), Schools Attended (Georgia Tech, any schools you transferred from, did dual enrollment with, etc.), Biographic Information (contact info, citizenship, legal residence, self-identification, languages, criminal background, childhood, family info), Course Work (classes you have taken, are taking, or are planning to take), Work/Activities (extracurricular anything!), Letters of Evaluation (you will ID where your letters are coming from here), School Designations (identify the schools you are applying to), Essay (personal statement), and Standardized Tests(MCAT/DAT/GRE scores).