Get On Track

Orient Yourself to the Application Process and Timeline

  • ROLLING ADMISSIONS! Professional schools interview and accept applicants as they come in. Submit your application as early as possible for your best chance at acceptance.
  • Letters of Evaluation should be submitted to our office by May 1st.
  • Your entrance test should be taken by the end of May.
  • Have your Personal Statement written by the end of May.
  • Applications open in mid-summer (usually June, but may be July for Physical Therapy).
  • Application deadlines vary by program, but a general goal is to have your application in by the time school starts in the fall.
  • Supplemental applications should be completed and returned as soon as possible after you receive them. Most schools send these starting a few weeks after the application services begin submitting applications to schools.
  • Interviews take place throughout the fall and into the spring.
  • Acceptances will start going out in late fall (October for medical students, December for dental).

What to Do in January:

  • Create your profile on our website!
    • This is for Letters of Evaluation.
    • We will explain the system more in the LOE section, but for now visit this link to create your profile.
    • Make sure you upload a picture or your application will not be complete.
  • "Google" yourself and sanitize your Facebook/Twitter.
  • Create a professional e-mail address on a non-GT account. Make sure the address contains your name (i.e.
  • Check your voicemail greeting and change it to sound more mature and professional. Make sure to state your official name (and nickname if necessary).
  • Update the "Pre-Health Journal" you hopefully started as a freshman, so that all of your activities, shadowing, volunteering, etc. information is in one easy to access space.
  • Think about what professors you want to ask to write your letters.
  • Start brainstorming why you are going into your field of choice.
  • Plan your entrance test.
  • Start narrowing down your list of programs to apply to.
  • Attend any school visits throughout the spring.

What to Think Ahead to for the Spring:

  • Ask for LOEs starting in February. Don't ask any later than the end of March or your letters could be late! Give your professors 4-6 weeks to write the letter.
  • Start writing your personal statement in March. If you wait to the last minute, you could delay your application, so give yourself more than enough time to get this done.
  • Attend all application workshops throughout the spring.

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