Your interviews are an important part of your application cycle. This is the first time the schools will be meeting you in person, and it will be the first time that you will get to see them in their own element as well. Use this opportunity to decide for yourself if you fit in there, as well as prove to the interviewers that you will.

Preparing for the Interview Day

After you receive your interview invitation, make sure that you RSVP so that the school is expecting you. Next, make the travel arrangements to that city. If your interview is far away, it is alright for your parents to stay in the hotel with you, but they should not come to the interview events. Look at the school's website to get a feel for what they stand for. Look at their Vision and Mission Statement. Go ahead and draft some questions to take with you.

Next, make sure your wardrobe is ready. You will need a suit (girls, you may wear either a skirt suit or pant suit based on your own preference). Guys will need matching pants and jacket, a dress shirt, dress shoes, and socks. Girls will need a suit, hose (for skirt suits), a top (shell or button-up are both fine), dress shoes (flats are okay as long as your pants are not too long, but low pumps are preferable; pumps should be a neutral color with a short 1-2" heel; steer away from patent leather unless absolutely necessary). If you have long hair make sure that it is pulled back out of your face for the day of and that it is washed and nicely brushed. You may wear a watch, but do not keep your cell phone with you the day of. If your cell phone goes off it is an automatic red flag for you, so just leave it in the car. It might be a good thing to have a portfolio to take notes on. Girls, you may carry a small, professional bag, but do not carry your cool, cute personal purse.  You should not be carrying too much. Guys, you may carry a portfolio and keep anything else you may need in your pockets, but don't try to carry too much. Make sure you wear shoes you can walk in as interview days usually include a tour.

The Interview Day

Interviews can take many different formats depending on the school, so take advantage of your contacts at that school or talk to students who have interviewed there before to get a feel for what the day will be like before you go. Most schools will have an introduction to their school, a financial aid session, some other type of information session, a tour, a time to talk with students (usually lunch), and interview time. Make sure to be nice to EVERYONE you meet, because you never know who has influence over your acceptance decision.

The actual interview may be one-on-one, two-on-one, group-on-one, a group interview with other interviewees, etc. and so on. The school should supply you with some information before you go, but if they don't, be prepared for any of these scenarios and more. You may come by our office with questions about individual school's interview days.

After The Interview

E-mail your interviewers to thank them for their time. This is also a great way to network, even if you do not get into the school. Think over the questions you asked and the answers you were given. Do you feel that the school has what you are looking for? Did you feel comfortable around the students, faculty, and staff? Is this a place you want to spend four years? Write down your impressions so that you have something to look back at when deciding between acceptances later on. Relax! One school down!