Letters of Evaluation


Georgia Tech Letters of Evaluation Service

The Georgia Tech Letters of Evaluation (LOE) service is a letter packet compilation service for pre-health students and alumni. Pre-health advisors do not write letters of evaluation or committee letters. Evaluators can send their letters to Pre-Health Advising; we disseminate the letters as a packet to various health professional schools or application services (i.e. AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, TMDSAS, and/or AACPMAS), non-U.S. medical schools and post-bacc programs once an applicant makes a formal upload request via their GT pre-health application. 


  • MAY 1 Is when you should complete the letter packet confirmation form to verify your letters for the 2018 cycle (please refer to the section how to use the LOE service - step 3
  • JUNE 1 Is the deadline for submission of letters to the office for the 2018 cycle 
  • AFTER JUNE 1 Is when you can start submitting upload requests for the 2018 cycle (Exception: Those applying to post-bacc programs may submit earlier)
  • DECEMBER 1 Is the last day we will accept/process upload requests (Exception: post-bacc and Caribbean medical school applicants may submit after December 1


A. Letter Requirements

Letter requirements vary widely from program to program and it is important to check the letter requirement for every school for which you plan to apply.

In general, you need two science professors, one non-science professor or a personal evaluator (i.e. a boss, research supervisor, etc.), and a professional letter (i.e. a doctor, dentist, etc. that you shadowed). Select the potential evaluators that you feel know you the best (not necessarily the ones who gave you an A!).

B. When to ask evaluators for letters

Starting in January before you apply, you should ask your professors for letters. When you approach a professor, make sure that you submit the Evaluator LOE formEvaluator Instructions Letter, and all the pertinent documents they will need. These documents can include your updated resume, a list of work completed for that evaluator, personal statement and/or a small paragraph or two explaining what you have been doing recently and why you decided to apply to professional school. Such information will be important in helping your evaluators to write a specific, detailed letter.

Let your evaluators know that the deadline for letter submission to our office is JUNE 1.



A. Once your evaluators have agreed to write you a letter, you will need to give them two things:

1. An LOE form, found here  AND 2. Evaluator Instructions Letter 


  1. All letters submitted to the office MUST include an LOE form
  2. Make sure your FERPA waiver decision matches on ALL of your LOE forms and LOE profile
  3. Applicants MUST COMPLETELY fill out the top portion of the form before submitting to evaluators; evaluators MUST fill out bottom portion before submitting to the Pre-health office

Not having your FERPA decision or completely filling out the LOE form may delay processing of your letter packet


B. Evaluators can send letters and LOE forms to Pre-health three ways:

1. Emailed directly to our office at pre-health@provost.gatech.edu (letters should be in PDF format, signed, and on letterhead).

2. Mailed (our mailing address is also found on the LOE form):
Pre-Health Advising - LOE Service
Georgia Institute of Technology
Center for Career Discovery and Development
Bill Moore Student Success Center, 1st Floor Lobby
219 Uncle Heinie Way
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0105

3. Hand-delivered in an envelope with the evaluator’s unbroken signature across the seal to Pre-Health Advising.

To see what letters we have on file for you, on your profile click "My Letters". If you do no see your letters, contact your evaluator first to confirm the letter was delivered, then email the pre-health coordinator at pre-health@provost.gatech.edu


Medical schools prefer that letters are less than two years old; please make sure to request updates accordingly.

Letters will be kept on file at the pre-health office for 3 years, any letters older than three years will be sent to Georgia Tech archives for storage and may be destroyed after 5 years.

                                  HOW TO USE THE GEORGIA TECH LOE SERVICE




LOE Profile

A. On the pre-health site (http://prehealth.gatech.edu/), please click "create or visit profile" and log-in using your GT log-in. If you need to reset your password please visit, http://prehealth.gatech.edu/content/alumni-applicants. Next, click  “My Profile”, then “Edit” and upload a picture.

You MUST add a clear passport style photo to your profile, not having a photo will delay processing of your request

LOE Application
B. Once you complete your profile, click "My Application" to create your application. Don't forget to include application service ID's on your application once you have them. Please make sure your FERPA waiver response matches what you put on your LOE form.



When you log-in to your profile, you will be able to click on “My Letters” to see what LOE’s we have on file for you (once they have been submitted). If the evaluator’s status does not read “complete,” please contact your evaluator to make sure the letter has been delivered to the office.

Email the Pre-health Advising coordinator at pre-health@provost.gatech.edu if you need further assistance.




A. Submit the Finalize Letter Confirmation Form

Students and alumni that plan to apply this upcoming 2018 cycle and have a final list of recommenders can begin submitting the Final Letter Packet Confirmation Form (FLPCF) available on-line here. The form should be submitted by June 1, the same deadline for your recommenders to submit your letters of recommendation. This form will take only a few minutes to complete, and it will allow Pre-Health Advising to expedite your LOE processing and ensure that all your LOE's have been received.

 NOTE: you will still need to submit a formal upload request via your pre-health application AFTER June 1.

B.  Once ALL your letters are listed on your GT Pre-Health profile you can submit an upload request:

1. Access your LOE application via www.prehealth.gatech.edu and select "My Application" and "Request Letters Upload"

2. Select your application service or physical address (for post-bacc and Caribbean schools only)

We ONLY upload to AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, TMDSAS, AACPMAS (via Virtual Evals or Interfolio). 


  • We NO LONGER need the names and addresses of the schools to which you are applying, APPLICANTS WILL ASSIGN THEIR LETTER PACKETS TO THEIR DESIGNATED SCHOOL(S) after packets have been uploaded to the application service. Caribbean medical school or post-bacc programs are the only schools for which you should submit a physical address.

If applying to Caribbean medical school(s) or Post-bacc programs:

  • Select  "Physical address" as the destination
  • Enter the name and email (preferred) OR name and address of the school to which you plan to apply (each school will need a separate request)

3. Choose your letters:

     AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS, AACPMAS, Caribbean, and Post-bacc applicants:

  • May add ONLY up to 6 letters in packet (combination can’t change once uploaded)

     AADSAS-Dental applicants:

  • May add ONLY up to 4 letters in packet (combination can’t change once uploaded)

4. Add your AMCAS ID and Letter ID (AMCAS applicants only)

If you are applying to AMCAS, you will need you to add your letter ID, found on the Letter Request Form from your AMCAS application, to your upload request. Without this ID, we CANNOT process your letters. 

5. Hit "Save" once complete (please DO NOT submit the same request multiple times)



  • We do not process individual upload requests, and we do not write committee letters.
  • Make sure all of your application service ID's are on your LOE application so that we can upload your letters to each service.
  • Applicants must assign their letter packets to their designated schools after the packet has been uploaded except Caribbean medical schools and post-bacc programs.



In addition to sending an upload request, you will need to enter primary/contact information on your centralized application so that we can be authorized to send your letters. Also, please check the box on your application that allows your information to be released to the GT Pre-health office (see AMCAS application instructions manual for help). Please use your official Georgia Tech major name when you complete your profile (no abbreviations or ampersands -see list of official GT Majors (link)

To enter primary contact information on your centralized application:


  1. Select "Letter Packet" for the type of letter
  2. Choose "Yes" for someone affiliated with school will send this letter
  3. Enter Letter Title: Georgia Tech LOE
  4. Enter primary author/contact information:

Name/Title: Francisco Castelan, Pre-health Advisor

Email: pre-health@provost.gatech.edu 

Address: Pre-health Advising, Bill Moore Student Success Center, 1st Floor office 189, Atlanta, GA 30332-0252

Phone: 404-894-0062 (LOE Coordinator)

On your AACOMAS, AADSAS, and TMDSAS application:

  1. Select "Committee/Committee Packet" for the type of letter
  2. Enter the necessary primary author/contact information (listed above)
  3. For TMDSAS: select Georgia Tech as the school that will be submitting the packet in the application

For Podiatry school (AACPMAS) we use: 

     Interfolio (may be a fee)  AND  Virtual Evals (free service) 

     Make sure to enter Francisco Castelan as evaluator with email: pre-health@provost.gatech.edu***

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying via an application service (i.e. AMCAS), please check the box on your application that allows your information to be released to the GT Pre-health office and enter your official GT major when you complete your application.


I've submitted my request, now what.....


  • Once we receive your request, we will request a sanctions check (done by the Office of Student Integrity)  to determine whether there are any suspensions or expulsions on record. Sanction checks are done for all applicants except those applying to post-bacc programs. We do this once every application cycle. We report the results on an Institutional Certification (IC) which is a cover sheet that is sent along with letters to the applicant's selected school(s). The IC also contains information such as the applicant's name, date, GPA, application service ID, waiver decision, and the evaluators' rating assessments of the applicant.


  • It takes approximately 5-7 business days to process requests, and we process in order of receipt. However, processing may take up to 20 business days during summer months. Once processing is complete, you will receive an official email from our office.



Click the link LOE Process in Simple Steps  for instructions on how to submit; this handout will be a useful guide when using the GT LOE service.

If you have questions about the LOE process, please contact the Pre-health Advising coordinator at



When handling student records,  GT Pre-health Advising adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). More information can be found here: http://www.catalog.gatech.edu/policies/ferpa/.