What Comes Next?

After you have applied and interviewed all you have left to do is wait! October 15th is the first day acceptances can be released for medical schools and December 1st is the first day for dental schools.

If you are Accepted:

Congratulations! If you are only accepted to one school and you are happy with that acceptance, great job! You can just focus on the information sent to you by that school. Start arranging your finances and planning for housing, etc. If you are accepted to more than one school, you can hold onto acceptances for a certain amount of time before you must decide between more than one. Make sure you consider which school you would fit better at based on your interview and consider visiting the schools again if you can.

If you are not Accepted:

Start planning what you will do with your gap year. You should wait until the admissions cycle is over and then contact the admissions offices of the schools you applied to. They should be happy to help you figure out why you were not accepted, so you can improve your application for next year and spend your gap year productively. Come talk to someone in the office to get a start on what you would like to do!