AMCAS Course Categories

AMCAS Course Classifications for GT Engineering Classes

NOTE: Most of the course descriptions listed below are PDF files. You must use a PDF viewer to display this type of content. We have provided a link that will allow you to download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

When entering your coursework on AMCAS, each course will need to be classified under a content subject. Below is a collection of GT courses that have been "verified" on the AMCAS application from prior applicants. GT Pre-Health will continue to update this list as we gather more info form prior applicants.Note there is a similar process for all centralized application services (AACOMAS, TMDSAS, AADSAS, etc.)

Course  AMCAS Category
BMED 2400 Math
BMED 3100 Biology
BMED 3400 Physics
BMED 3600 Biology
BMED 3110  Biology
BMED 3610 Biology

COE 2001  Physics
COE 3001 Physics

Course  AMCAS Category
ECE 3741 Engineering
ECE 3710 Engineering

Course  AMCAS Category
ME 3322  Chemistry
ME 3340 Physics
ME 3345 Physics
ME 2202 Physics
ME 4183 Engineering
ME 4056 Engineering
ME 3017  Engineering
ME 3057 Engineering
ME 3210 Engineering
ME 4214 Engineering
ME 3180 Engineering
ME 1770  Engineering
ME 2016 Comp
ME 2110 Engineering
MSE 2001 Engineering