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We have a variety of Pre-health Organizations on campus. We encourage you to connect with these organizations and others on campus. See below and check out their websites for more information! If for some reason the links or emails do not work, please email

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Updated: March 11, 2019


1. American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

  • Description: AMSA, American Medical Student Association, is the largest pre-health organization on the Georgia Tech campus. We provide opportunities for students who are interested in a future involving various types of health care ranging from surgery to pediatrics to dentistry. AMSA offers a variety of great programs, including mentoring with upperclassmen, volunteer opportunities around Atlanta, job shadowing, and medical mission trips abroad. In addition, we hold an annual Pre-Health conference in the spring featuring medical schools and admissions representatives from around the country. AMSA is a great way to meet other pre-health students and to become more prepared for a future in health care!

2. American Red Cross Club at Georgia Tech

  • Description: The purpose of GT American Red Cross Club is to facilitate students in gaining leadership experience through service to the university community and the community-at-large. We plan all the blood drives on campus, organize a GT-led national blood drive project on 9/11 of each year, and plan numerous service events on and off campus. We also have opportunities for students to gain experience with web and graphic design as well as host monthly CPR/First Aid classes for GT students.

3. Pre-Dental Society (PDS)

  • Description: The Pre-Dental Society’s purpose is to better prepare for dental school by forming a supportive pre-dental student community, participating in health-related community service, and learning about career opportunities in dentistry and dental related fields. The Pre-Dental Society brings in speakers from various fields in dentistry and dental research. They also participate in service projects and provides support and advice for members in the process of applying to dental school. PDS encourages pre-dental students to get involved by means such as volunteering, on and off campus research, and shadowing.

4. Engineers Without Borders

  • Description: EWB is a student chapter of a national non-profit organization called Engineers Without Borders- USA. We serve as a resource for connecting Georgia Tech Students with opportunities for personal development and a stronger understanding of global health concerns and humanitarian engineering

5. Engineering World Health

  • Description: Engineering World Health organizes monthly repair sessions at the MedShare warehouse in Decatur and holds events and workshops on campus throughout the semester to bring awareness to the current state of global healthcare and to resources that will allow us to provide low-cost, innovative solutions and address the issues at hand. During the repair sessions, our members volunteer their time and engineering skills to troubleshoot and repair medical equipment donated by Atlanta hospitals. The restored medical equipment is then shipped to hospitals in countries in need. Make a world of difference!

6. FIMRC: Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children

  • Description: FIMRC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving pediatric and maternal health in the developing world through the implementation of innovative and self-sustainable health improvement programs.


  • Description: Minority Association of Pre-medical Students, or MAPS, represents the undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students of SNMA. MAPS members are considered national Associate members and make up about one third of SNMA's membership. Through community service and dedication to eliminating ethnic health disparities, we strive to provide ourselves and those around us with a larger sense of being. We stand strong in the light of the many that struggled before us, and are hopeful that we make each step easier for those who come after us. We are leaders in our communities and strive to keep students motivated and involved in the undergraduate process.

8. MOVE: Mobilizing Opportunities for Volunteer Experience

  • Description: MOVE is Georgia Tech's umbrella organization for a variety of community service and volunteer opportunities. Our organization consists of 14 committees that address various issues and provide many service opportunities throughout the year. Ex: Disabilities Committee, the Medical Assistance Committee, and the HIV/AIDS Committee.

9. Neuroscience Club

  • Description: The GT Neuroscience Club aims to promote collaboration amongst students and professors in education, research, networking, advocacy, outreach, inquiry, and professional development of the field of neuroscience. The Neuroscience Club at GT is dedicated to fostering student interest in neuroscience through volunteering activities, visits to local neuro-related research centers, and regular speaker events focused on neuroscience faculty and researchers not only from Tech, but also from nearby institutions.

10. One Voice (Human Trafficking)

  • Description: We are a group of college students who want to make a change in Atlanta. We hope to shed light on the issue of Human trafficking and help bring about an end to this trade in our streets.  We partner with other organizations in the greater Atlanta area to raise awareness and funds for this cause.

11. Pre-Pharmacy Student Association (PPSA)

  • Description: The Pre-Pharmacy Student Organization (PPSA) is a group of students all looking to gain admission into Pharmacy school after graduation. PPSA better prepares students for pharmacy school by forming a supportive pre-pharmacy student community, participating in health-related community service, and learning about career opportunities in pharmacy and pharmaceutical fields. They bring in speakers from various fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical research as well as participating in community service projects and providing advice for members in the process of applying to pharmacy school.

12. Pre-Physician Assistant Club at Georgia Tech

  • Description: This group was founded so as to provide a network for all students who are following the career path to become a Physician Assistant and to familiarize students with the career path and admissions process. We provide shadowing connections, opportunities to learn from Physicians Assistants, and advice from current Physician Assistant students. And lastly, we strive to raise awareness and understanding of the new and growing profession on the Georgia Tech campus.

13. Pioneer

14. Stamps Health Services Ambassadors

  • Description: Stamps Health Services Ambassadors help run campus wide events relating to a wide variety of health topics. In past experiences our Ambassadors assisted with  flu vaccination clinics, HPV clinics, blood pressure checks, GT Welcome week, Health Promotion events, and many other events throughout the year. They also provide students with the opportunity to shadow a physician who works at Stamps.  Admission into the Ambassador program is rolling so if you would like to join, check out their website for more information and an application.​

15. Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Associatio (SOMA)

  • Description: Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association has undergraduate chapters across the country, and because we’re passionate about osteopathic medicine, we thought we’d share this opportunity with you! In case you aren’t familiar with medical programs, one can become a Doctor of Allopathic Medicine (M.D.) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.). A D.O. has the ability to perform the same tasks as an M.D., including diagnosing, prescribing medications and performing surgeries, but also have an extra skill set that allows them to focus on a more holistic approach to healing the body and preventing future problems. Our Pre-SOMA chapter has a number of events planned, including guest speakers, shaDO days with medical students, volunteer opportunities, leadership conferences, surgery simulations, and much more. The best part? National Registration is completely free! As we work more closely with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM)- Georgia Campus, we hope to bring you all that you need to shape the future of osteopathic medicine.

16. Student Hospital Connections

  • Description: The members of SHC are a group of dedicated, fun-loving students who want to give back to our community. In the process, SHC members obtain valuable experiences in two of Atlanta's largest hospital, Grady Memorial Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center. Whether it is to gain more medical knowledge, wanting to volunteer to help those in need, or to get a feel for the hospital environment SHC is a great way to accomplish all these goals and meet a diverse group of friends.

17. Students for One Health

  • Description: SOH, Students for One Health, aims to promote the idea that the health of humans, animals, and the environment are all connected. This collaborative concept is captured in interdisciplinary fields such as public health, comparative/translational medicine, and climate change. We hope to integrate pre-health students and provide opportunities for one health discussions and workshops with professionals, community service, and more to support interest in global health. 

18. Pre-Veterinary Medical Association

  • Description: The purpose of the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) is to promote and stimulate interest in the field of veterinary medicine.  We provide our members with opportunities to participate in community service projects involving animals as well as behind-the-scenes tours of locations like Zoo Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium.  The PVMA also brings in educational and informational guest speakers regarding the field of veterinary medicine and animal health.
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