Prerequisite Coursework

The list below covers the most common prerequisite course for medical school and other health professional programs. Students will be expected to research professional schools to identify any additional requirements for a particular school beyond this core set of courses. 

AP and Online Courses: Please note that some medical schools will NOT accept AP credits or online classes for pre-health prerequisite coursework. 

This AAMC Advisor Report outlines the recommended and required courses from US MD programs and whether each program will accept AP, online, and community college coursework. Students should consult this resource when making decisions about class registration. 

Please note that Medical College of Georgia and Mercer will NOT accept online classes for most science requirements. Please also review their AP policies closely.

If you are considering application to medical or other health professional school, we recommend that you complete the science prerequisite coursework in person only. If you have already completed a professional school prerequisite online, please schedule an appointment with Pre-Health Advising or come to our daily drop-in hours for guidance about next steps. 

Important note on the Georgia Tech Grade Forgiveness Policy: While GT has a grade substitution/forgiveness policy, all student pursuing careers in the health professions must be aware that professional schools and application services to these programs will require that ALL grades are reported, regardless of GT policy.  Professional schools, through their Central Application Service (CAS) will average in the original grade and create a new recalculated GPA as part of their application process.


Requirement for Professional School Admission or Test Prep* Course Number Course Name Pre-Requisite

MATH 1551

MATH 1552 or 1555

MATH 1553 or 1554 or 1564

Differential Calculus

Integral Calculus or

Intro to Linear Algebra or Linear Algebra or Lin Algebra with Abstract Vector Spaces


MATH 1551


Numbers vary—use your major’s statistics course if one is required.

Biology with Lab*

BIOS 1107 (with BIOS 1107L) or BIOS 1207 (with BIOS 1207L)**

BIOS 1108 (with BIOS 1108L) or BIOS 1208 (with BIOS 1208L)**

Biological Principles

Intro to Organismal Biology



Chemistry with Lab*

CHEM 1211

CHEM 1212

Chemical Principles I

Chemical Principles II


CHEM 1211 or CHEM 1310

Organic Chemistry with Lab*

CHEM 2311

CHEM 2312 or 2313

CHEM 2380 (lab component for Org)

Organic Chemistry I

Organic Chemistry II/ Bio-organic Chemistry

Synthesis Laboratory

CHEM 1212

CHEM 2311

CHEM 2311


CHEM 3511


CHEM 4511 and 4512


CHEM 3521 and 3522


Survey of Biochemistry


Biochemistry I and Biochemistry II

CHEM 2312/2313


CHEM 2312/2313

Physics with Lab*

PHYS 2211***

PHYS 2212***

Intro to Physics I

Intro to Physics II (IPLS accepted)

MATH 1552 pre- or co-req

PHYS 2211 (Classical or Modern)

English Composition

ENGL 1101

ENGL 1102

English Composition I

English Composition II


ENGL 1101

Required for MCAT Preparation      
Psychology PSYC 1101 General Psychology None
Sociology SOC 1101 Introduction to Sociology None

*Check with individual schools about policies related to Advanced Placement (AP) and online course credit.

**BIOS 1207 and BIOS 1208 will satisfy the Biology requirement. BMED 3100 Systems Physiology and BMED 3600 Physiology of Cellular & Molecular Systems satisfy the Biology requirement. Note: BMED 3110 and 3610 are the corresponding lab courses that are also required in order to satisfy the full year of biology with lab requirement.

***Physics is not necessary before the DAT for pre-dental students.  Check with your academic advisor to see if you are eligible for the special Physics II for Bio-sciences section.  Physics classical, modern, and bio-science sections will ALL satisfy medical admission requirements and MCAT preparation expectations.