Research/Extracurricular Opportunities

Research experiences and extracurricular activities are the areas where you are able to show your passions and to express your motivations in the application process.  Pursuing the interests that are meaningful to you is more important than pursuing an activity that you think will “impress” an admissions committee.


Research experiences are helpful in understanding the art of scientific inquiry, the process of collecting data, and the importance of disseminating key findings.  But admissions committees will also want to know that you can meaningfully describe and explain your research experience, too.  Finding a research lab that fuels your passion and motivates you should be the driving factor in your quest to gain this type of experience. To learn more about undergraduate research opportunities at Georgia Tech visit the UROP site here. Often student do change labs and/or find other research opportunities outside of Georgia Tech.  Some questions consider and to reflect on:

  • What skills did you gain?
  • What did you learn about yourself in working in a research team?
  • Why did you select your area of research?
  • What leadership or responsibilities did you gain in your lab?
  • How does research fit in your interest in pursuing a career in healthcare?

Consider journaling on these topics!


GT Prestigious Fellowships Advisors help students identify and apply for nationally competitive awards.  These merit-based awards provide funding assistance for undergraduate and graduate study, and research in the U.S. and abroad.  The application process is also an opportunity to prepare for careers in the health professions. For more information click here.


See your career advisor in C2D2 and watch the Pre-Health Advising Newsletter and Canvas site.

Other Extracurricular Opportunities

Finding the extracurricular activities that best exemplify your interests is key to your preparation for a career in medicine and having a competitive application. Health professional programs want to learn about your areas of passion and motivation as they understand you will transfer that level of commitment to your professional preparation in their program.  Think about the communities, environments, and the populations you want to have an impact on.  By learning about your interests and passions, professional programs will better understand your motivations and see how and why you committed your time and energy as you balanced your academics and other social endeavors. Search student organizations and groups at Georgia Tech here.