Letters of Evaluation

Letters of evaluation are a key part of your application to any of the health professional programs. Admission committees rely on letters of evaluation to learn about important aspects of your potential as a future health professional student that they cannot assemble from your GPA and MCAT score: in particular, your communication skills, interpersonal skills, your professionalism, and your intellectual curiosity.

Remember that your professors will be reflecting on your maturity and professionalism in their evaluation of you.  For them to provide a meaningful letter, they will need to know you beyond your work in their class.  Give them a chance to learn about your commitment, maturity, and communication by visiting them in their office hours.

When the time comes to request a letter, give all your recommenders a detailed statement about yourself and a resume to help them write a more effective letter. Once a professor has agreed to write a recommendation for you, show professional courtesy to them and exercise patience by allowing them reasonable time to submit the letter. We strongly recommend providing your recommenders 6-8 weeks to write your letter and make sure that you inquire and provide any information that can assist them writing a well-rounded and strong letter for you.  Please visit our section on the Letter of Evaluations services for more information.