Resources for Recommenders

Letter writers should familiarize themselves with the competencies expected of entering medical students. The AAMC has a useful handout for letter writers HERE. Since applicants usually apply to multiple schools, they should be addressed to “Dear Admissions Committee,” “To Whom It May Concern,” or ” Dear Colleagues.” Please do not use “Health Professions Advising” or any individual’s name in the salutation or mention a particular school or program.  Please do not use “Dear Sirs” as a salutation.For any letter writer support please contact our Letters of Evaluation (LOE)  Coordinator, Ms. Monique Morris at

Medical schools are particular about the content and presentation of letters of evaluation. Here are some key things they will be looking for:

  • Letters less than two years old
  • Letter must be on department or company letterhead, even if you are attaching them to an electronic portal
  • Letter must include a current date (usually at the top of the letter)
  • Letter must include a real signature (You can learn how to create an image of your signature HERE.)
  • Letter must include the letter writer’s full name, title, and contact information (if not already included in letterhead)