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Interview Preparation

You have been invited to interview!

Great!  You are now half-way there. The interview is an important aspect of your application as professional schools will looking for the following:

  • How have you tested your decision to pursue a career in your chosen field (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, PA, PT, etc.)?
  • Are you able to demonstrate strong and appropriate communications skills and speak about yourself in a professional manner?
  • What are you like beyond your primary and secondary/supplemental applications?
  • Are you a good fit with their program and community?

How to prepare:

  • Pre-Health Advisors provide mock interviews by appointment only
    • schedule like any advising appointment and make request for a “mock interview” in the comments section. To allow us to meet the demand for mock interviews, please schedule only one mock interview with the Pre-Health Advising office.
  • Attend an Interview Prep workshop/webinar – Check our pre-health calendar of events for dates and times.
  • Attend an annual Pre-Health Mock Interview Clinic, supported by volunteers from among GT faculty, staff, alumni, other community partners. Check our pre-health calendar of events for dates and times.
  • Schedule a mock interview with the GT Communication Center – Make sure to include in your appointment request that you are interested in a mock interview for Medical/Health Professional school application.
  • Track down common questions by specific school from online forums to practice. WARNING: Do NOT get caught up in the forum “chatter,” which tends to generate anxiety.  Experiences communicated on these sites are often NOT representative.
  • Reach out to GT alumni in your area to ask about their experiences.
  • Prepare what you will wear. Don’t have a suit? Check out C2D2’s free suit check out service CAMPUS CLOSET.  


AAMC- Medical School Interview Preparation

AADSAS- Advice from Admissions Officers

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs):

This video is a helpful tool to understand what are MMIs and what to expect and prepare for the MMI format.  Many schools, including Medical College of Georgia, have switched to the MMI format.