MCAT/Entrance Exams

MCAT/Entrance Exams

Identifying when you will completing the prerequisite courses for the MCAT is important in deciding when to take this high stakes exam.  The MCAT is a key resource for professional programs to evaluate an applicant’s ability to study, prepare, and handle a standardized exam. Most students begin outlining their timing for MCAT preparation and identify an exam date in their second semester of their second year in college. Meeting with a pre-health advisor to review the prerequisite courses and other elements of your application will assist in deciding the best time to prepare and to take the MCAT.

To learn more about the MCAT, how to register, and how to prepare visit the AAMC website.

JoVE (GT Library Resource)

JoVE makes and publishes videos of scientific experiments from the top laboratories around the globe.  Georgia Tech has an online subscription so that all GT students, faculty, and staff can access the information for free. You can find materials related to the MCAT that you can use as part of your MCAT preparation by using JoVE. THIS LINK will direct you to the relevant content.

Entrance exams for other health professions: