How It Works

Georgia Tech Letters of Evaluation Service

The Georgia Tech Letters of Evaluation (LOE) service is a letter packet compilation service for pre-health students and alumni. Pre-health advisors do not write letters of evaluation or committee letters. Instead, evaluators send their letters to Pre-Health Advising, and we disseminate the letters as a packet to health professional schools or application services (i.e. AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, TMDSAS, and/or AACPMAS) once an applicant makes a formal upload request. Please make note that:

  • A maximum of 6 letters are allowed in your Letter Packet
  • All school will accept your Letter Packet as it is an official GT service
  • All letters submitted to the LOE packet service will be included in your packet of letters

Registration on the GT Canvas is required to access this service. All steps and directions are on GT Pre-Health Canvas.  If you are applying this summer (I.E. applying during the summer of 2022 to matriculate in fall 2023) and have not started the letter collection process with us, please connect with a pre-health advisor and Ms. Morris during the virtual drop-in sessions in order to best evaluate how our office can best support you in this process.

LOE Virtual Drop-in Hours:

Canceled dates: Holidays and GT closures

All inquiries can be sent to 

If you have quick questions related to the LOEs, you can connect virtually with the LOE Coordinator, Ms. Monique Morris.

*LOE drop-in hours will be suspended as of Aug. 30th, and replaced with appointments on the following days: 

         Tuesdays 11 AM -12 PM 

          Fridays 1-2 PM

All LOE inquires and appointments can be directed to the email.


February 4     “Preparing to Apply” Webinar (Check the GT Pre-Health Canvas site for the recording and PowerPoint slides)

TBD                Launch InfoReady LOE Step 1 on Canvas (note: need to have all letters writers confirmed for this step) 

May 2             Deadline for students to declare their “Intent to Apply”

Preferred May 2, final May 31     Deadline for LOEs submitted to GT Pre-Health Advising

June 6            Students may begin requesting uploads of completed letter packets

October 1       Deadline for upload requests (except for Post-Bacc and Caribbean schools)


When handling student records,  GT Pre-health Advising adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). More information can be found here:

Reminders Current Applicants should review:

  • Begin identifying your letter writers and gather information to share with them. It is a good idea to approach letter writers in person and to assemble materials to remind them about your work with them and your interest in a health career. These materials will probably include your resume, the classwork or research you completed for your recommender, your personal statement, and a list of details about your relationship with the letter-writer (relevant dates, contributions to group work or research, personal interactions, etc.). Letter writers should also familiarize themselves with the competencies expected of entering medical students. The AAMC has a useful handout for letter writers HERE. You can share these materials with your recommenders in person or through the AdviseStream interface. Give your recommenders as much time as possible, ideally 6-8 weeks, to prepare their letters.
  • Familiarize yourself with the application process. The AAMC web site is a treasure trove of valuable information related to the MCAT and the entire path to medical school. Other professional organizations also have great resources for future dentists, pharmacists, physical therapists, and physician assistants.
  • Register for the MCAT. You should plan to take the MCAT no later than May to complete your application in the month of June. Want to take your MCAT later than June? Schedule an appointment with your pre-health advisor to discuss the pros and cons of delaying this critical component of your application. If you have not yet registered for the MCAT, be sure to look into the Fee Assistance Program, which can save you a bundle on the test and related application expenses.
  • You must indicate your “Intent to Apply” by May 1. Students who do not meet this deadline will be ineligible for the Georgia Tech Letter of Evaluation (LOE) service.
  • It is in your best interest to use the Georgia Tech LOE service. We provide a cover document that attests to the legitimacy of your letters, explains the rigor at Georgia Tech, and offers to clarify elements of your application if necessary. Professional schools may question a decision to bypass our LOE service.
  • Evaluators’ letters are due to Pre-Health Advising by May 26. Please remind your letter-writers that this is a firm deadline.
  • Direct all questions about the LOE service to our LOE Coordinator, Ms. Monique Morris at Ms. Morris is the LOE packet expert, and she communicates directly with letter writers to resolve technical issues. Reaching out to pre-health advisors may delay or complicate this process.
  • The AMCAS application portal typically opens early in the first week of May.
  • The AACOMAS application typically opens early in the first week of May.
  • The AADSAS application typically opens early in the second week of May.
  • Students should submit their best applications during the month of June. Because professional schools have rolling admissions, applications submitted early in the process fare better than those submitted later. If you cannot complete your application, including standardized testing, during the month of June, please schedule an appointment with a pre-health advisor to determine your best course of action.
  • Schedule an appointment, drop by, or give us a call! Your pre-health advisors are available to help you. The best way to get information from us is in person. We find that even apparently simply questions require a lot of back-and-forth discussion that is more easily accomplished in speech. If you cannot find an appointment on GradesFirst during this busy season, plan to come to drop-in hours, MWF 8:30-9:30 and TR 3:30-4:30. We will accommodate phone call drop-ins, too. Just call our reception desk at 404-894-3320 during drop-in hours, tell the receptionist that you'd like to be added to the Pre-Health drop-in queue, and leave your contact information. We'll call or skype you back when it's your turn.